Pi Labs

HR data is messy, but we’re here to assist. Let us help you establish a data-driven HR culture through personalized analytics solutions.


What makes Pi Labs different?

Philosophy We were founded on the idea that HR leaders, too, should benefit from the analytics revolution. We believe that unstructured, disparate HR data sources are a critical barrier to unlocking this potential.

Expertise Blending best practices from the fields of I-O Psychology and Data Science, we combine statistical and data expertise with human factors to help develop products most relevant to you.

Our Solutions From advising on the design and strategy of a People Data system, to automating recurring reports, to building interactive dashboards, we offer wide-ranging solutions.


Check out some of our work! More coming soon.

Operational Metrics

A view into your organization to help you make better day-to-day decisions

Organizational Health Insights

Uncover trends beneath the data. Analytics beyond your standard metrics

Individual & Developmental

Let your employees grow through custom assessments and individualized reporting